Monday, June 16, 2008

What a day..

On saturday we had decided to take the kids to the Zoo, we knew parts of the interstate were closed but we had NO idea that the traffic was going to be delayed so bad !!  The Zoo is about 2 hours away from us.  So After 2 hours of sitting in traffic and no where even close to the zoo we decided to take a different route and just go to a smaller closer zoo. So that went much faster and after all day in traffic and finally 10 minutes from the zoo the battery light comes on. Adam says um Shannon bad news.. I was kinda sleeping and when he said it I thought the road was closed or something. But adam said that the alternator was going out and we had to turn around ASAP so we didn't get stranded so far from home.. well we turned around and 2 miles our truck was quitting. so we pulled on a side road and it quit.... grrrrr.... We didn't have enough money on us to buy a new alternator so we had to call my brother to drive 2 hours to bring us an alternator. I didn't want to sit on the side of the road all that time with the kids so we called a cop to give us a ride into town but all the cops we held up because there was a huge roll over just up the road from us ( thank god we made it as far as we did, otherwise we could have been caught up in that ! ) So by the time the cop got there my brother was 20 minutes away and there was no point to go to town then ! So my brother got there and they put the alternator in but my brothers little car didn't have enough juice to jump start our truck so we flagged down a truck and he got us going.. So we went home and that was our day !!! 

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