Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Mom's 50th birthday Party !!

So this is quite a story I am about to tell you so you will want to read on :)... We left Thursday night to go up to Merrimac, where my mom and her fiance rented a Vacation home on the lake for the weekend. and All my Family came up even my Niece Anastasia which I havent seen since she was a year old, My brothers divorce was finally final and he was allowed to take her ! So that was very excitng.  We went to WIsconsin Dells thursdsay through sunday and on saturday we went to have vintage photos done since all my family was up. Well when we left to go it started pouring out and we heard on the radio that there were tornados back home in Hillsboro which is 45 minutes away and I started to get nervous.. so we get to the vintage photo place and we get into our outfits which all of us girls had to strip down into our bras and panties and the dresses only covered our front half and we had to have this butt flap thing on to cover our backs.. so I was the last one to get dressed and as soon as I got out of the dressing room the power went out and there was a tornado warning. I freaked out and all the kids kids were scared. Then a few minutes later we were told to go in the basement because there were tornados in the dells where we were, and remember all of us were half naked lol.. So I grabbed Sydney freaked out where Blake was.. looked out side and couldnt see anything ! The wind was blowing so hard that he lights posts were bending.... So all 17 members of my family plus the other people headed to the dark cluttered cold basement to wait out the tornado holding our cell phones for lighting.. Sydney was sound asleep in her carseat the whole tim eand thank goodness because sh e would have been screaming. So we were given the ok by the fire department to come out and I was still shaken up.. the power was still out so we couldnt get our pictures done but my brother took a pic with his digital camera so we have that lol it was taken in the dark so It s not the greatest.... So we rushed back to the cabin that we had rented and it continued to pour and tornados were still happening back home.. When we came back through on sunday there were trees uprooted and trees fallen through houses, it was crazy... our home was untouched thank goodness and the next morning Adam headed into work and all the roads were closed off, So Adam had to stay home today, but at least he got a paid day off... We were watching CNN and it showed the Dells where a house on the water totally split in half and washed down the river.. I dont know If anybody saw it.... but it is crazy here... and there is more rain coming..  The Lake delton lake is totally gone right now, a road broke washing the lake into the wisconsin River and homes were swept away.... This is so crazy, this is a repeat of last years flooding but worse.. It is supposed to rain again tonight...

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