Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ornament from Lisa and Erin !

Thank you Lisa and Erin ! Sydney loves it and it will be a great memory every year ! Merry Christmas !!
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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


A few pictures of Lathan today. Levi was sleeping soundly and I didn't want to wake him !

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Monday, December 14, 2009

5 minute Chocolate cake is a dangerous thing !

I first saw it on a friends blog and knew I had to try it ! Well I was in the kitchen and couldn't remember the recipe so I looked up 5 minute chocolate cake on my blackberry. It's probably the exact same recipe not sure..

4 TBS flour
4TBS Sugar
2 TBS unsweetened cocoa
dash of salt
2 TBS veg. oil
2 TBS water
tsp vanilla extract
optional handful of coc. chips ( a must for me )
and I add peanut butter as well.

in a mug...Mix dry ingredients then add wet ingredients and mix. Microwave for 2-3 minutes depending on your microwave. Mine is perfect at 2 1/2 !! I eat it with Ice cream and chocolate syrup on top.

Seriously, this has a dangerous tendency to be eaten every day !

More tree decoration !

Having fun decorating and being goofy !!

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The boys' hospital announcements

They got a couple things wrong though, Lathan was born at 12:44am and Levi at 12:49am and they were both 19.6in long. And Levi weighed 6lbs 0 oz.

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Friday, December 11, 2009

We will miss you Tacoah !

Our doggie is in heaven now and we will miss her so so so so much ! We love you Tacoah aka: "kowasaki" !
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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lathan and Levi !

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Snow Snow Snow !

We got our first big snow of the season and it is beautiful ! It won't be so beautiful in a few months when we want it gone though !
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So yesterday I was cleaning up toys in the toy room and i lift up something and there is a freaking dead mouse !!!! I being the wimp that I am when it comes to mice of course screamed. Adam was out plowing snow so he didn't hear me. So I shut the door and waited for HIM to come and get it out. Freaking GROSS !!! How in the world was there just a dead mouse laying in the middle of the toy room ?? Maybe he ran into the room and died of heart attack from seeing the mess ! Or maybe my screaming children killed him. I think I might die too from the noise sometimes. poor little disgusting mouse. I sure hope it wasn't there when the kids were playing there earlier in the day !! * shudder*

My house is a mess and my coffee is cold...

Can't ever get anything done these days. Once I get one baby to sleep I work on the next one, Get him asleep. Get up and fix kids breakfast ( or lunch or snack ). Fix myself something. Maybe a hot chocolate or in today's case. Coffee. By the time I fix it one of the kids spill something or intentionally spill something. Like this morning it was, Orange juice on the carpet, the dogs water in the kitchen, and her breakfast dumped into her water ( Sydney ). so by the time I get to my breakfast and coffee it is cold. So now that I get to sit for a minute and eat my breakfast, drink my coffee and make a blog post. At least I get to type with both hands at the moment ! So I will stop my rambling and finish my cold breakfast and tend to my runny nosed kids this morning before the babies wake up !

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Twins are here !- Birth Story

Lathan and Levi entered the world on November 3rd 2009 ! Here is my birth story....

Well, I was dilated to 4cm since 34 weeks. During all those weeks I would get constant contractions but they would eventually slow down and go away. So by 36 weeks I was utterly miserable. I couldn't sleep at all because it was so painful. I wanted it over with badly. That last week was horrible. I kept waiting for my water to break any second. but no such luck. So the morning of monday I was excited to have made it to 37 weeks and know that I had 1 week left until I got to meet the babies because my dr would induce me. Well then I find out my dr was going to be gone !!! I was so upset because i didn't know who would deliver my babies and I was so uncomfortable that I just wanted it over. So around noon I started getting some ccontractions but no different than usual. They were anywhere from 11 to 3 minutes apart. Through out the day they got closer and a little more noticeable but still nothing different. Adam said that maybe we should go in but I really didn't want to because it just felt like all the other times. I showered and got packed just in case. Adam got home from work about 4:45 and we left and dropped the kids off at the in laws and I said my teary goodbye since I might not see them for a few days if the babies were born. So we get to the hospital around 6:30 maybe and got check about 7. I was a stretchy 5, about 80 % effaced and baby A at +1 station. She said that since 5 wasn't a big change from 4 and i was 4 for so long. so if I hadn't changed in 2 hours they would send me home. I was pretty bummed because I was going to get sent home again. Contractions were still pretty mild coming anywhere between 2-5 minutes. Adam was freaking out beccause the contractions on the monitor were so much bigger than they have ever been but they felt the same. He knew this was it but i still wasnt convinced. so about 9 the dr came in and checked me and i was 6 so she said I wasn't going anywhere !! They were going to give me another 2 hours and get me ready for the OR. They decided to do the epidural then. I really didn't want an epidural. but they said it was safest is case they needed to get Baby b out fast. The epidural was a strange sensation, didn't hurt going in, just uncomfortable. Then only my right side was numb and I could only feel them on my left ( and this was when my contractions started getting painful ) They had to lay me flat and turn me to my left a little to spread the medicine out. It slowly numbed that side but then I was left with a pocket on the bottom laft of my belly. Strange to feel contractions in one tiny spot ! So the dr came in about 11:30 and I was still 6cm but water was tighter so she decided to break it. She said if I start to feel pressure let them know. Well dr left and they were getting the monitors situated and I started to feel Lathan drop and then I felt the rectal pressure and I knew it was time ! So they called the dr in and she said yep you are ripe and ready ! lol So they started rushing around getting things ready because they did not expect it to happen that fast. So adam had to put his space suit on lol They wouldn't let us take our video camera into the OR ! I was so bummed ! but we did take our regular camera. They wouldn't let my mom come back so she had to stand in the hall. So we get in there and tell me to start to push when I get a contraction. 2 big pushes and Lathan was out !( 12:44am 6lbs 4oz 19.6 in ) I started crying as soon as I saw him, he was perfect ! I couldn't keep my eyes off him ! Dr said baby B was moving right on down ! So she told me to push and 1 big one and Levi was out ( 12:49am 6lbs 0.1oz 19.6in ). It was funny because I kept laughing while i was pushing because I just couldnt believe they were actually coming ! as soon as I saw /levi I just could't believe how different he looked from lathan ! I was immediately in love with my boys ! Daddy got to hold them and then I got to hold them skin to skin. I had a small tear on my cervix but that was it. I was bleeding pretty bad and the dr suspected retained placenta so she stuck her hand in and i had pieces of placenta still attached, it took a little bit for her to get it all out but she did and we got wheeled back to the room. I was shaking pretty bad from the drop in hormones and i was super tired. Lathan nursed right away but Levi took a while but they are both nursing awesome !!!