Thursday, April 30, 2009

Late Easter post

So apparently these are the best pictures I got of the kids on Easter. Great huh ? I didn't even get Sydney's cute Easter dress ! Maybe I will dress her up and pretend that it is easter. She thought she was quite cute in it though. Blake really didn't care what he was wearing, he would have been happy in his under wear. We had a good Easter at my Mom's, other than me feeling sick the whole time. We ate, played some Wii, ate some more, Played Wii some more then went for an easter egg hunt in the chili spring air !

10 weeks

Today is the start of week 10 and the nausea is starting to ease up a bit but the
 fatigue is still there. I have my first dr appointment on Monday ( that is if insurance i
s sorted like they said they would be ). I am rea
lly hoping they will do an ultrasound because I just want to see our Baby ! Who doesn't right ? At least I have a doppler to allow me to check on the gummy bear. Here is the heartbeat at week 10 !