Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My TTC and Pregnancy journey..

This is a little journal I had on another site when I was TTC Sydney. It starts out The month before I got pregnant. I was updating my page and didnt want to delete it all forever so I thought 
i'd add it here :)


March 25 update : Well i am getting so nervous right now my period is due in 5 days or not due i hope. and i dont really feel like its coming i have had a bit of cramping and pinching pains, but usually i am in full blown pms by now. So i am just so nervous cos i want this so sooo bad. I have been praying so hard that i am pregnant. I have a backache that has started tonight but i dont know if its cos i was doing stuff out side all day or what. and i have been so gassy, not bloated just gassy.. Anyway those are my thoughts for today.. Wish me luck

March 27 : Still dont feel like my period is coming . i am on CD 32 out of 35 so not too long to go now ! I am just sooo anxious to know. I feel sick today my back is killing me and i have a massive headache.. I am getting these weird pains their sharp like where my ovaries are and i just feel so sore nothing like my pms cramps.. its just different. I have been trying to just relax and let nature take its course and i dont want stress and make my period late when i am not pregnant. I really feel like this could be it, i am 8 or 9 dpo now ( or close to that i ran out of OPK during OV. ) but anyway wish me luck and please send me lots ans lots of baby dust !!!! Thanks for reading :)

March 29 : Period due tomorrow and still no signs of it coming.. I took another test this morning and there was a faint line but i am worried it was just an evaporation line so i am not getting my hopes up yet. My husband seems to think I AM pregnant but he always saysthat so who knows...I am trying to do some spring cleaning today, and geting ready for a lady that is bringing her 10 month old daughter over to meet me and so she can see my house and everything cos she wants me to babysit her on tuesday and thursdays..i am just so nervouse cos i am afraid she wont like me.... But Blake is getting soo smart this morning he was trying to put on his socks all by himself and he almost succeded !! he just amazes me everyday. He is dancing right now watching Dora the explorer and watching the comercials.lol he is so adorable ! any way hope AF doesnt come tomorrow Wish me luck

I think that my period is coming, i feel more crampy.. I'm so sad :( I have tried so hard to get pregnant and it hasnt happened yet..but period is definatley coming it will probably be here tonight or tomorrow :(

April 2: Well period showed up on Friday :( It was lighter than usual and its already almost gone, so i am glad its not as horrible that it usually is..Well on to another month...

April 19 : Got my positive Ovulation test this morning so i should be ovulating around tomorrow :) Now i wish my husband would come home for lunch * wink * wink * : ] I just really relaxed this month and didnt take any of my pills, but still using Pre-seed so hopefully it will happen I really really hope so !!! My cousin just had a miscariage at almost 8 weeks, and i can only imagine how hard that must be.. Please pray for us this month!

April 24: 4DPO today nothing unusual..trying not to stress about it, but i just feel like it's not gonna happen :( but i hope it will.. 14 months we have been trying... I am not really breastfeeding anymore and I am fertile so its not the nursing that caused it. I just dont understand I am young and healthy why cant I get pregnant ? I try to talk to my dr. My she just thinks its nothing and they dont think I am very serious.. This is just rediculous, I want to get pregnant now !!! i dont want to wait another year to seee how things go I am tired of waiting I think I have waited long enough.. I hope I dont sound like a crazy person..;p

April 30th :OMG I am pregnant !!!! Yes I took a first response test at noon today and It was positive !!! I just cant believe it ! I am sooooo excited !!!! 10dpo today... and i took a test at 8dpo with one of the tests i got with my pre seed and it was veeery faint but I wasnt just gonna rely on that and i have been taking internet cheapies the past few day and nothing and this morning I even took a dollar tree one but nothing much I thought I saw a line but not nearly as positive as my FRER !!! I am just in shock !! I honestly thought it wouldnt show up !! but it came up right away !! I am just soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Happy !!!!! :)Image

May 1st : I have been soo tired. My 16 month old still sleeps in the bed with us and I am kinda getting worried cos this past week I have just been in a deep sleep and the other night I woke up and he was laying halfway off the bed !! and last night I woke up and he was sleeping at the foot of the bed.. how the heck did that happen ??lol I uasually wake up from the slightest movement.. I want to get him in his bed but I just dont know where to start.... I am just afraid I might roll right on top of him or something.

May 2nd :

Well definatley pregnant I am addicted to pregnancy tests and they just keep on getting darker :) So thats a very good sign :) Plus my morning sickness has kicked in :/ I havent puked yet but I definetly feel it especially in the morning and when I'm hungry.. I have been so emotional too, crying at everything.. and the day we found out that our house loan isnt going through was the day I found out I was pregnant... I was so sad and then I took a pregnancy tests and it really made my day !! Blake was laughing at me cos i was so excited and jumping and laughing and crying lol He is such a little sweetheart, I was crying today about the house stuff and he just looks at me so sypathetic and he wraps his arm around my neck and hugs me tight.. I was like awwwwwwww.. It was sooo sweet, it turned my sad tears into happy tears :) He has such a beautifull heart and I feel so Blessed right now, and I try to think that no matter where we live in wont matter as long as we are all together as a family. :) I just feel like the luckiest woman in the world right now :)

May 5th :

Well I had my appt. at my drs yesterday to confirm my pregnancy and She said because I have a longer cycle and Ovulate later then I willbe due early to mid january... but my officaial due date is january 4th 2008 !! I am 5 weeks and 1 day today. I made my first OB appointment for may 25th, i will be 8 weeks, hopefully I can hear the hearbeat by then :) I want to rent a doppler too so we can hear it all the time :) Morning sickness is getting worse everyday :( although today I havent had it yet :) also my back has been killing me and have had cramping.. it's really amazing how fast all the symptoms kick in..lol but I'll take every litt;le thing that comes ! :)

May 13 :

Happy mothers day !!! Oh my gosh i have been so incredibly emotional !! I find myself crying at everything !! It's horrible, i hate feeling sad about the dumbest things, i just burst into tears if i am hungry ( and i'm hugry alot )!! crazy right..lol oh man my hormones are raging ! but I'll take it all if it gets me a beautiful healthy little baby !

May 16 2007: 
I am feeling sooo sick, i cant even function right.. and its even harder trying to take care of Blake at the same time. The only way i can somewhat feel better is if i am constantly eating... I have 2 weddings to go to this weekend, and have to drive awhile to get to both.. i have no idea how i will make it through those feelng like this ! yikes !

May 25:

I am 8 weeks today but i have a 35 day cycle so I am more like 7 weeks.. and today was my first ob appt.. and she warned me that it would than likely be too early to hear the hertbeat and she was right...and my uterus was measuring 7 weeks, So she said my my next appt I will be able to hear it and I'll be 13 weeks and hopefully I can have an ultrasound then...I just cant wait to hear the heartbeat ! and with my last pregnancy I was border line of gestational Diabeties and it runs in my family realy bad . With my first pregnancy I gained 50lbs and have had a hard time getting that off becouse it was such a big change to my body SO I am starting off this pregnancy only 15lbs lighter than when I gave birth to my son 17 months ago YIKES !! So our goal is to only gain 15-20lbs this time... which I think should be no problem becouse all I want is helthy food during this pregnancy rather that Mcdonalds like my last !

June 4, 2007

Well today I am 9w 3d !!! I cant believe I am almost 10 weeks !! I still just sit here and just cant believe that I am pregnant lol.. then I get all giggley..hehe.. I am just so excited to add another member to our family.... right now we are having money troubles and we were trying to buy a house and we didnt get it due to some set backs in our money :( So we have 20 days to move out, and hopefully we can find somewhere to go.. but see we are going to buy my dads house on a land contract and we are waiting on them to move out.. sooooo I just really hope them get in gear soon, So we dont have to move all over town and it is very hard to find a decent place to rent that we can afford in this town... but we are very optimistic and we are just waitng..... but other than that everything is great, Blake is good, he's got a little cold right now and didnt get much sleep much last night.. he is always saying new words everyday !! it amazes me how smart he is, he understands things so well ! He is such a little sweetheart :) Oh and I have lost 15 pounds, i have been so sick.. i cant even eat everything just repulses me ugh.. but the 1 thing that i have been wanting all the time is Taco bells grilled chicken stuffed burrito with fire sauce !! I love spicy food, always have.. but with my first prenancy i just didnt want it... I wish i had some good southern home cooking like my grandma makes yum... i could use some cornbread and milk :)

July 17 2007:

Ok I havent updated in awhile so i figured I'd better... My last dr. apt was at 13 weeks and we finally heard the heart beat and it was 160bpm !! What a wonderful sound ! I recorded it on my phone so i always get to hear it !! My next appt is july 27th in 2 weeks and my gender U/S is on August 3rd !! I cant wait, I wanted to do it on the 27th but they wont do it till I am 18 weeks.. we are so convinced its a girl.. i am feeling little kicks here and there, i wish I could feel it more often though.. but that will come soon enough ! I am feeling much better now and morning sickness is pretty much completley gone, I only feel sick when I have an empty stomach,, oh and constipation is kicking my butt..lol It really sucks... and all I want to eat is steak,,, yeah something I cant have cos its not exactly cheap... i am having major food aversions to everything !! I have lost so much weight, but my belly is definatley sticking out ! i love it ! I went to get my hair done the other day and a stranger asked me when I was due for the first time !! i got so excited cos its the first time a stranger has noticed that i'm pregnant !! I bought a bunch of maternity shirts over the weekened too, i pretty much need them at this point... everything is good, the 2nd trimester is definatley the honeymoon stage :)

August 13

Well I had my ultrasound on the 3rd and everything looked good, the baby was transverse, but the tech said it has plenty of time to move.. its legs were crossed so we couldnt find out the sex. the tech said she wanted to say girl but didnt get a very good look, so we arent convinced just yet... we are going to get a 3d scan done at the end of the month so we will hopefully find out then.... and last week mt son fell and we had to rush him to the emergency room because he hit his mout on the corner of the doorway and it ripped, so he had to have 11 stitches put in.. it was horrible, I hated watching him go through that.. it was really hard, but he is doing much better now and is healing up pretty good.

Front view of baby Side view of baby


August 27, 2007

We had our 3d ultrasound on saturday and we are having a GIRL !!! We are sooo excited ! She was so cute in there at the beginning of the scan she had one leg straight up by her head and the other one bent down, and right away she had her legs wide open ! So we saw everything there were definatley the 3 little white lines So there is NO DOUBT !! We have a name picked out but we decided to keep it a secret until she is born :) My Placenta is also Anterior ( in front ) So that explains why I havent been feeling as much movement as I did with my son at this time, and she is still transverse but she has time to move positions still :)

Monday, 22 Oct
I havent Updated in awhile so heres whats been happening... a coupls days after my last update when we got back from our U/S i was having major cramping, and i felt really nauseous. I told my husband to take me to the hospital because I thought I was in labor. I was in alot of pain... So when we got there they put me in this cold huge ER room ( which they should have taken me to labor and delivery since I was past 20 weeks ) So they asked me abunch of questions and then they couldnt find the baby's heartbeat which freaked me out but they finally found it ( they were not experienced in the pregnancy department, which pissed me off.. how were they going to tell me whats wrong if they dont even know what they are doing !! So they hooked me up to the monitor to see if I was contracting and thank god that I wasnt but I was still in alot of pain, and my blood pressure was really low.. they started me on an IV drip and some oxygen and the pain finally eased up and they said my cramping was due to being dehydrated. So they sent me home after about 5 hours. So since then things have been pretty unevenfull. I will be 30 weeks on friday !! I cant believe how the time has flown ! We are totally unprepared and have nothing for this baby !! We really need to get a move on things lol

Thursday, 10 Jan

Just a quick update. I had my baby girl on December 29th at 39 weeks 1 day, at 7:51am she weighed 7lbs 1.8oz 20in long We named her Sydney Rayne

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