Friday, May 30, 2008

Why cant we freeze time ?

 am just so incredibly sad that Blake is so big... hes not my little baby anymore :( he will be 3 in 7 months ! It seems like yesterday i heard the words "It's a Boy ! " I just wish time would freee and they would stay my little babies forever :( It makes me so sad that one ay I wont wake up with them every morning to hear good morning mommy ! I love them SO much it hurts....

Heres my little Blake 7 months old:




Blake at birth


3 months old


Maybe 4 months old, not sure

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Oliviasmommy said...

oh that is sad, awww. i'd be crying all the time til he turned 3. why do they grow so fast, its frustrating, i love it and hate it.
he's a qt pie though, you have some beautiful kids...

BTW- shannon, dh (reuben) had gall bladder surgery..