Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Blake's birth story 12-21-05

I wrote this on Blake's first birthday and I just copied and pasted :)

I was due december 15th, but of course i went overdue. So The doc said i had to me induced so 2 days before i was to be induced she did a membrane sweep and that is supposed to help you dialate, and she did this twice but the last time that she did it i started having contactions tuesday night before i was to be induced. Now this was the last night that i was going to be pregnant and i knew the next day was going to be very long and i needed to get my rest, but i was in sooo much pain that i could not sleep, My contractions were only 7 minutes apart. So 6 am rolled around and i had still gotten literally no sleep. So we got to the hospital and they put me on the pitocin, and about an hour or 2 later my contractions really came and they were really painfull, and i had a bitch of a nurse, and i wanted an epidural but she would not give it to me, and she was really mean. So Finally when my dr came in around 3:00 they checked me and said i was already 8cm dialated and i said can i get my epidural now, and she said well you wont need it ! I was ike NOOOOO I NEED IT NOW !!!  So she broke my water which wasnt much fluid, and i got up to go to the bathroom which was sooo hard i couldnt even walk and that stupid IV stand kept getting in my way and i had to pee in that dumb hat in the toliet, so then while i was sitting there i got a huge painful contaction and after that i got up and there was this huge huge pressure that felt like he was going to literally fall out. I felt like i had to push, and i mean i needed to push, I just kept grunting to keep from pushing, So the dr said " i'm gonna check you cos your just doing way too much grunting " So she checked me and i was a full 10cm !! in a matter of minutes i was ready to push, I just couldnt believe it. and i was so tired. The dumb nurse gave me a shot of newbain which did nothing for my pain, and it just made me really really sleepy. So i started pushing with every contraction and let me tell you it felt so good to push. It took the pain away from my contractions, So after an hour and a half of pushing he was born. Dr. Prior put him on my chest, and i was just in awe. I just kept thinking oh my god i have a baby boy. And he has been a boy the whole time he was in there and i didnt even know I was so happy, and soo tired. and my mom and Adam were there the whole time and i felt so bad for them cos they were tired too and they just sat there the whole day. Poor Adam he was so and he held my head for me when i was pushing, and he was even sore and later on every one came and brought little boy presents. It was the absolute best day of my life.

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