Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sydney's thinning hair...

She was born with a head full and now it is pretty much gone, here are some pics for comparison..


3 months

4 1/2 months

5 months

you cant really tell in the last pic but her hair is mostly gone :( but it is starting to come back in but it is light like Blakes


Ashlee said...

Holly's hair did that's finally starting to get thick again, but it's much lighter than before and really WILD!!! I wonder if Sydney will end up being a blondie?

Shannon said...

oh yeah it actually is coming in Blonde ! lol just like Blakes... its so weird, it was so dar and now it is light lol

Oliviasmommy said...

well atleast your baby had hair, olivia did but it was really faint, i mean now its coming out more. She still looks cute, syndney's a doll!