Friday, May 23, 2008

saw our house last night..

Well we finally got to go look at our house last night !! It is really nice, she did alot of the work herself and it has alot of character...So I guess we decided to buy it instead of rent it.. it's 115,000 which is alot :/ I am just unsure if it is worth that since it is only 3 bedrooms and we plan on having more kids soon..buut its really nice and Adam loves it, I mean I love it too I am just unsure of that price in our area... but I am still excited non the less, so I guess we are gonna go for it. I just dont want to get too excited just yet because the last house we tried to buy turned into a major disaster, it was just horrible....

So this weekend we are going to my moms house 3 hours away, man that drive sucks with 2 kids.. and then we will go rummage saleing on saturday so that should be fun :)

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