Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sydney's birth story 12-29-07

I wrote this after I got home from the hospital and I just copied and pasted it here so if you were wondering if it sounded current, its because it was :)

Sydney arrived on saturday morning Decmber 29th at 7:51 am, after a 3 hour labor ! She weighed 7lbs 1.8oz.. she is absolutley perfect ! She didnt poop at all during her first day so she developed pretty bad jauncice and had to stay an extra day and now she is home on the billi blanket and has to wear it all day til wednesday.
Here is my birth story finally:Ok well as you know I thought I had been leaking fluid on thursday and my nitrazine test turned out to be positive but my ferning ws negative so they sent me home. On friday we went to walmart did lots of walking and ate at rocky rococo's pizza and I was sarting to feel crampy by the time we got home but nothing unusual. So we went to bed and at 4am i was awoken with contractions coming every 4-5 minutes but werent really too painfull so i thought it was just another night of false labor like I had last week with my contractions lasting all night at 5 minutes apart. So I sent a message to my husband at work and told him I was having contractions but didnt know if they were real or not, but within a few minutes they were starting to get more painfull and coming 2 minutes apart but the pain was still bearable ( this is why i thought it wasnt real !) So then I told my husband that they were coming every 2minutes nad he decided to come home. and byt hat time I was still laying in bed so I got up and timed some contractions on the contraction Master and sat on my yoga ball during contractions and then they were coming every 1-2 minutes. My husband saw me and said we need to leave now ! He even called the hospital on the way home from work ! but I seriously still wasnt convinced ! Good thing he was ! we got our things and our son ready and we were out the door by 5:30 am. On the way to the hospital my contrations were getting stronger and closer so my husband put the hazzard lights on, the roads had snow on them so we couldnt drive very fast. We had my mother in law meet us at the hospital to take my son and we called my mom and told her to start coming ( she lives 3 hours away ) So we got up to our room and she checked me and I was already 6cm ! I seriously thought I would still be 2 ! So thats when I texted Heather. We were very suprised that it has gone this fast and my contractions werent even *that* painful ( compared to my last birth anyway ) So They monitored me for about an hour and the dr. came in and checked me and I was 8cm  and her head was very low! 2 very painful contractions later I felt major pressure and could feel her head coming down and said I needed to push ! So she checked me and said oh your ready to go ! So 3 strong pushed later she was born with the cord wrapped around her whole body and was crying before they even cut it ! The dr was suprised that her heart rate  never dropped... So she did very well ! She was 7lbs 1.8 oz and 20 in long, she just looked so tiny and precious  When they put her onmy chest crying I just rubbed her cheek and she stopped crying and just layed there looking around with her eyes wide open... and then my Placenta came out inside out which she said was starnge, they called it a turdunken placenta.. but nothing was wrong with it, just that it came out funny. Sydney started nursing right away and nursed for 2 hours ! We called everyone and they were shocked that she was already here ! after 3 hours of labor ! I didnt tear, she said I had 1 tiny little scrape that would heal fine on it's own. I really feel great, I am not sore down there at all ! I definatley dont feel like I just gave birth ! but what does hurt like heck are these after birth cramps ! Wow they really are more painfull with your second child. Everything else is going really good, oh and her apgars were 10/10.. and breastfeeding is going amazing, I was little sore at first but now I dont feel anypain and my milk has come in. She has been eating every 2-3 hours. When were in the hospital she was up every hour so I didnt get much sleep. and man that hospital stay was just torture ! The first night my mom took my son to stay with her in her hotel room and he would not go to sleep for her, he just wanted me. it was really hard because this was the first night he has ever spent away from us in 2 years ! So that night I slept about 3 hours, and I just wanted to kill this one nurse because I had finally gotten Sydney to sleep after 3 hours So i went to the bathroom and when I came out she had Sydney awake. and of course Sydney was crying adn she wouldnt giver her to me. So she's like " do you want me to take little tyme to the nursrey and rock her ?"   I said NO I want her with me AT ALL TIMES !! and she wouldnt even give her to me. So I got her back and she went to sleep. Stupid nurse, and she kept calling her little Tyke.. um she has a name lady ! So that day we were supposed to be going home but Sydney hadnt pooped yet and the dr. said she could develope jaundice because of it and she wanted to watch her for another day. I was so upset because I hated it there, I missed my son and he had no where to stay that night so he had to stay at the hospital with us, and he hated it there ! So needless to say that night was totally miserable  Blake was the ONLY one who slept, my husband slept on the floor on pillows and blake slept in the bed with me becasue he wouldnt sleep with my husband... So I just sat there in that horrible hard uncomfortable bed and fed Sydney every hour.. I got NO sleep that night at all !! So While we were in the hospital I got a total of 3 hours in 48 hours.. I am still exaughsted from it.... but I cant complain when I have such a beautiful baby girl  My son just loves her, he goes up to her and rubs her head or her hands and he likes to touch her hair and he is always saying I wanna see baby ! lol So everything is going great, she is pooping alot now so all that jaundice is getting flushed. she has been on the bili blanket since we've been home and has her blood test again today so hopefully her levels have dropped.... Sorry so long and I am sure there are plent of typos in here, my head is very groggy right now ! As you can imagine  Congrats to all the new mommies ! Oh I forgot to mention that after she was born I asked If my water had broken cos she never broke it and I never felt it break and she said I must have had a tear   If you remember I was just in the hospital thursday because I thought I had a leak but she said I didnt and sent me home, so I was right...

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