Tuesday, August 4, 2009

24 weeks !

Today is 24 weeks ! I feel pretty good overall. I have my moments where I get tired easy and I can't bend over anymore ! The boys are moving all over the place now. It's great to finally feel them all the time. We think we have the names picked out, well the first names anyway. SO, Lathan and Levi ! We really wanted something different and unique but we just really liked these and we actually agreed on them so there they are ! Everyone keeps saying that Levi will get teased because he is named after jeans. ugh. Well he is not named after Jeans just because levi is a brand of jeans. Kids will always get teased about something at some point or another in their life no matter what their name is. I love the name Levi ! This is why we never tell anyone the names we pick out because there are always negative comments about them and these are babies names for goodness sake ! But Oh well, they can complain all they want, this is what we have chosen :) We still have to figure out middle names though !

Blake likes to talk about his brothers, so hopefully he will be excited when they get here ! We plan on getting Blake and Sydney a present from their brothers so they will be a little more excited about them being here. I am just worried about them feeling left out.
Sydney really loves to cuddle with my big ole belly ! lol Blake did the same thing when I was pregnant with Sydney.

My mom took me shopping and we bought the first things for the twins !! A few cute little outfits !
We got these:Photobucket

Well Those are the only pics I could find but we got some other cute things too ! but I have so
much to get ! We are going to get 2 mini cribs to save space since we don't have room for
2 full size cribs. These are the cribs we are going to get:


and I am in LOVE with this stroller, bumbleride in Spice. Oh I want it so bad but we can't afford it right now.


It's awesome....

Oh I almost forgot, here is my 22 week belly shot. I still have to take my 24 week. The 22 week was all I had on my camera and I hadn't uploaded it yet so here it is !

22 week belly


CrYsTaL j MiTcHeLl said...

You look GREAT Shannon!!

Reuben - Maggie - Olivia said...

you poke girl! Lol. your belly comes to a point, its sooo cute. i'm so glad the kiddos are doing soo well. all 4 of them. And I love the outfits and stroller and crib! Soo cute. Aww I can't wait to see pics of levi and lathan. Cute names!!!

Erin said...

You look great! I love the belly!!

Lisa said...

I'm late to reply! But I never even thought of Levi's jeans Ha Ha! I always think of the tribe of Isreal in the Bible-great names :)