Wednesday, May 27, 2009

TWINS !!!!!

Well my dr. sent me for an Ultrasound to check my dates yesterday. Here is what we saw :



Photobucket 3d of one of the babies' face. You can see a nice profile shot of the eyes nose and mouth :)

My brother Danny went with me to the ultrasound so Adam didn't have to take off work. Well his jaw about dropped to the floor when she said their were 2 ! lol When she was first looking I saw what it looked like to be 2 sacs and 2 heads but it wasn't a good shot so I didn't know for sure. She turned the screen at me and asked if I saw that. Then my heart started racing because I was pretty sure there was 2 and then she said well it looks like their is 2 in their ! Adam didn't believe me when I told him that it was twins. He really thought I was kidding ! We are all really excited and everyone is pretty shocked !

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Ashlee said...

Congrats! How exciting! You will be one busy momma!