Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just some random pics

Here are just a few pics I had on my computer I wanted to post. I will get some new pics very soon !

I was editing this pic and lightened her eyes too much but now I can't find the original picture ! Ah

This was the one of the pictures on our christmas cards that I never got sent out !

The christmas card. I did all that work and then didn't get to send them !


Reuben - Maggie - Olivia said...

love the pics, she's gettng so big.
tobad you couldn't send out your cards after all that hard work! their super cute too

Christina said...

Yay, you're back!! I can't believe how big Sidney is!! It's been a while since we got new spam!! And all that hair!! wowza!!
Spam us on the board!!

Ashlee said...

What great pictures! Sidney looks JUST like you too! Wow! So glad you updated your blog :)

Lisa said...

I love the Christmas card. Maybe you can save the template for next year and change the pictures! Great pictures.